Sale and distribution of certified pellets

High-quality wholesale pellets

Europa Pallets is an company for the wholesale distribution of pellets. The import and export of wood and pellets has solidly become our core business, carried out with the utmost professionalism, becoming an example of quality and a guarantee throughout Europe. Our competitive edge is our pellets’ quality, guaranteed and certified through strict controls, to offer a product with maximum heating power (high colouring power) and very little dry residue in ash.

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Pellets Catalogue

Real Pellet

Our flagship product / long sack

Product details

Holz Arena

We are exclusive retailers in Italy

Product details

Real Pallet

Our flagship product / wide sack

Product details

Allgau Pellet

German pellets of the highest quality

Product details

Vostok Pellet

White fir pellets

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Do you want to buy wholesale pellets?

We supply large quantities of wholesale pellets, including to large retailers, guaranteeing fast deliveries throughout Europe. Please feel free to contact us for any further information.